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Symposium 02

„Building Better Cities? Art and Urban Planning“

September 13 and 14, 2013

On the occasion of Tobias Rehberger´s project „the moon in alabama“: In the area around Muenster´s central train station, the artist´s work transforms groups of distribution boxes into new public spaces.

Building better Cities? During the Symposium 01 at the LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur in March 2013, the utilization of a sculpture project archive for the revaluation of art and its public reception was successfully discussed. If and to what extent the discussion of art and contemporary artistic strategies can be successfully utilized in city planning concepts is the topic of Symposium 02.

This second symposium recognizes explicitly the independence of an artist´s work and focuses on his individual fascination resulting in the creation of a previously unimagined world of images. Can this production be brought together productively and successfully with the process of urban development? Can the analysis and reflection inherent in artistic practice—the precise observation and critical development of an individual aesthetic—convey new ideas and forms within a similarly functionally thinking and pragmatically engaged process of city planning? Does all this make a „better“ city? In three thematic areas and over two days, experts from the visual arts, city planning and research, and the social sciences will discuss current ideas and debate prospective viewpoints on city planning in dialog with approaches to contemporary art.

Day One begins with a site visit to Tobias Rehberger's work in the central station area and addresses the claim formulated in the symposium's title „Building Better Cities?“—both as a global claim for city planning and discussion model for the City of Muenster.

Day Two will focus on relevant artistic working
principals in this context. The morning block
„Research“ will analyse the synergetic
potential of art-specific practice for city
planning. The afternoon block „Process“
concentrates on the dynamic of city
development and asks, how and with
which ramifications is art still capable of intervening? The symposium's aim is to openly consider the possibilities and simultaneously the necessity for new thinking regarding art and its role in shaping a city.

Participants: Frauke Burgdorff, Hedwig Fijen, Martin Heller, Leni Hoffmann, Kasper König, Maik Löbbert, Reiner Nagel, Manfred Pernice, Tobias Rehberger, Tim Rieniets, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Christoph Schenker, Thomas Sieverts, Andreas Spiegl, Philip Ursprung, Lambert Wiesing and others.

Organizer: Immobilien- und Standortgemeinschaft Bahnhofsviertel e.V. (ISG) and the City of Muenster

Concept: Dr. Gail Kirkpatrick (Director, Kunsthalle Münster) and Marcus Lütkemeyer (Project Curator) in collaboration with Frauke Burgdorff (Board Member, Montag Stiftung Urbane Räume) and Tim Rieniets (Executive Director, Landesinitiative StadtBauKultur NRW).

Participation and contact: Entry is free; however we request guests to register for the symposium by 9. September 2013 at: For additional information:

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