Symposium 02
Weitere Projekte


Potential and Perspectives

March 19 and 20, 2013 at LWL-Landeshaus

Inaugurated in 1977 by Klaus Bussmann and Kasper König, the Sculpture Projects Münster are today considered one of the most influential contemporary art exhibitions the world over. The projects have functioned as a "long-term study" of the complex relationship between art and the public realm, the four Sculpture Projects staged since the 1970s have become an international art scene benchmark, inspiring a plethora of similar formats.

Four years ahead of the fifth exhibition in 2017, the conference "The sculpture projects Archive. Potentials and Perspectives" will shine a light on the sculpture projects archive in a bid to trace the concept's history and explore pioneering ways of presenting art in the public realm going forwards. The potential afforded by the archive will serve as a basis to kick-start a debate on new themes in the public perception of art.

Concept and management:
Melanie Bono (Assistant Director and Curator for Contemporary Art at
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur, Münster)

in association with Münster Art Academy:
Prof. Claudia Blümle, Prof. Georg Imdahl and Prof. Gerd Blum

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