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2017 will see the fifth edition of the Sculpture Projects Münster, which continues to be the most renowned international event devoted to art in public spaces. Thanks to it, LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur and the City of Münster reflect upon almost 40 years of solid local expertise in the field. By way of various joint activities they seek to consolidate this knowledge, revive the bedrock of insights and ensure their enduring presence – beyond the 10-year rhythm of the Sculpture Projects.

The topic of art and public space continues to remain highly relevant, be it in the form of urban sculptures or landscape interventions, setting up areas for social activity or transforming erstwhile functional locations. Not only among art experts, but also as an everyday experience for the inhabitants and citizens of our modern cities.

Down through almost five decades now, the City of Münster has gathered a wealth of expertise on art and public space. The topic has to date been reflected in many facets both in the city itself and its public persona, starting with the question of developing a long-term view of art in the public domain. At the same time, held every ten years the Sculpture Projects attract immense attention among that section of the German and international public interested in art.

The new joint activities in the city, which explore the topic "Münster. Art + Public Space", are destined to maximize and, above all, build on what has already been achieved. They draw on the accumulated (or rather acquired) know-how and experience (for example, as with the current idea of establishing an archive), while at the same time by initiating new smaller and larger, and above all ongoing projects in the public domain, consistently embedding a heightened awareness of this exciting and explosive theme in the city itself and in its public image.